Edward Povey

“A Woman in a Landscape” Dark Green Toned Surrealist Abstract Portrait 2000



Oil Paint, Canvas


Dark green toned surrealistic portrait of a woman by English artist Edward Povey. Woman subject is depicted sitting on a blue bench against an abstracted red tone sunset or sunrise field. Povey's juxtaposition of formal elements along with his rendering of the subject's defined contemplative features solicits the viewer's consciousness to experience what the artist celebrates as the "intimate ceremony of human experience." Signed and dated "Povey, 2000" by the artist. Framed in a gold ribbed wooden frame.

Artist Biography

Edward Povey (b. 1951) is an English painter and writer and has collectors in twenty countries. He lives like one born skinless in a rough world, but finds comfort in his studio and at his laptop. His work circles on human beings, their vulnerability and complexity. His work explores the intimate ceremony of human experience, and cloaks Cubist perspective with Emotional Realism.

Dimensions With Frame

H 42 in. x W 30 in. x D 1.31 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 33. in. x W 21.5 in.