Benji Stiles

"Alone but moving" Contemporary Pastel Abstract Expressionist Oil Painting 2023



Oil on Canvas


Exhibited in "Benji Stiles: A Human Day" at Reeves Art + Design. In “A Human Day,” a solo show dedicated to the work of contemporary multidisciplinary artist Benji Stiles, we explore a survey of his diverse work including objects, paintings, videos, and installations from over the past 5 years. With a unique and distinctive style that combines pastel hues with bold, abstract compositions, Stiles has garnered recognition throughout the Houston art scene. While the majority of the work in this show is recent, “A Human Day” is a testament to Stiles’ ever evolving mastery of color, form, and emotion. Featuring a wide array of large-scale canvases and smaller, more intimate objects and installations, the collection invites the viewer to immerse themselves in Benji’s vision. Born in New Orleans, Robert Benjamin Stiles (Benji) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who lives and works in Houston. He holds a BA from the University of St. Thomas, with a major in Art History and a minor in Studio Art and is currently a MFA candidate at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). His work ranges from non-representational painting focusing on diverse mark making and color theory, to conceptual sculpture, assemblage, and installation work using a variety of media including historical and found objects.


H 60 in. x W 48 in. x D 1.5 in.