Jose Masis-Oliver

"Amethyst Goddess" Pop Art Nude Portrait Painting in Crushed Glass and Minerals 21st Century



Glass, Resin and Oil


Pop art-inspired painting/sculpture created with crushed glass and minerals of a nude female goddess. Signed on the front in lower right corner. Hung in a matte white frame.

Artist Biography

An artist by nature, Jose Masis-Oliver expresses his creativity through unconventional uses of materials and mediums, with a special adoration for texture. Sharp and rough, yet delicate and intricate, Jose utilizes crystals to open the imagination and inspire thought and emotion. His art has been seen throughout the United States, most recently in Houston and Florida. All of Jose's art features crushed glass, stones or crystals, such as clear quartz, granite or marble and he spends time carefully selecting the most relevant of these crystals and other media to contribute to the overall composition of his paintings. He sources materials at stone quarries. lapidary shops, and specialty glass stores, and for unusual colors, he crushes glass to create a custom blend. He carefully adheres each gem to a canvas with special resins, then accentuates the texture with transparent oil paints. With a background in engineering coupled with his artist nature, Jose is able to produce a unique balance of right and left brain artistry. Through his love of technicality and the creative process, his work demonstrates a simple balance reflected by the use of clean lines and simple geometries enhanced by intense colors and textures.

Dimensions With Frame

H 51 in. x W 33 in. x D 2.5 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 48 in. x W 29.75 in. x D 1.5 in.