Paul Horn

"Ancient Aliens II" Colorful Three Dimensional Mixed Media Assemblage Collage 2014



Magazine Cutouts, Mixed Media


Three dimensional mixed media collage by Houston, Texas artist Paul Horn. Colorful collage of magazine cutouts of dolls, cereal boxes, plants, and pop culture elements arranged inside a black glass shadow box.

Artist Biography

Paul Horn is a Houston-based artist and curator best known for his collaged “pop ups” and sculptures that incorporate found objects from popular culture. His outlandishly curated art exhibitions and events are revered for their originality and a remarkably high energy level that always lures large crowds. His carefully orchestrated exhibitions often contextualize artwork in non-traditional exhibition environments meant to enhance the viewing experience. His work has been reviewed by the esteemed trifecta of art journals: Artforum, ARTnews, and Art in America. He also has had reviews in Houston Press, The Houston Chronicle, Artlies, and Glasstire.


H 31.25 in. x W 41.25 in. x D 3 in.