Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol - Hand Signed Campell's Soup Label, 1986



Print and Permanent Marker


Hand-signed Campell's Soup label by the Pop Artist Icon Andy Warhol. The label is framed in a gold frame with an off-white matte. The piece has been certified authentic by the Morton Sinclair Gallery and comes with the certification.

Artist Biograph

Andy Warhol was an American artist who revolutionized the art world. His most famous works are that of pop icon Marilyn Monroe and his Chicken Noodle Soup Labels. His work exaggerated the boundaries between what was art, advertisement, and celebrity culture. He was known for working with silkscreens, photography, film, and sculpture. His work is seen in almost every museum across the country.


H 15.5 in. x W 20 in. x D 1 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 3.5 in x W 8 in.