Georges Braque

"Août: Feuilles et Raisins (August: Leaves and Grapes)" Blue Fruit Still Life 1958





Original George Braque blue-toned color aquatint titled "Août: Feuilles et Raisins (August: Leaves and Grapes). The aquatint is signed by the artist in pencil in the lower right corner and editioned 33/70.

Artist Biography

Born in 1882, Georges Braque was a Parisian painter from the 20th century. He was most well known for being the founder of Cubism alongside famous artist Pablo Picasso. In addition to the invention of Cubism, he did also focus on other forms of art which were prominent during this time period as well. He did work which touched on Impressionism, fauvism, and even focused on collage styles of work, which brought together a series of imaginative pieces, bold colors, and distinct shapes and styles to his work. During the wartime period, the work he put together would change in order to represent the somber, dark period the world was going through. In between wartime, he would also change the style and themes, to represent lighter times, and happier things which were taking place around him. Although he did change his style, tone, color use, and design features, he never strayed too far away from Cubism. There were also tinges or hints of this style, in every piece that he created during the course of his career, and is the reason his work was so distinct, in comparison to other artists of the time, who did not delve in to as many different forms in their work.

Dimensions With Frame

H 20 in. x W 18.375 in. x D 1.25 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 9.75 in. x W 10 in.
"Août: Feuilles et Raisins (August: Leaves and Grapes)" Blue Fruit Still Life 1958