Ali Golkar

“As Night Falls” Colorful Abstract Contour Line Painting of Three Seated Women



Acrylic, Canvas


Colorful abstract contour line painting of three women seated around a table titled "As Night Falls" by Ali Golkar. Signed by the artist in the bottom right corner and currently displayed in a silver frame with a white matte.

Artist Biography

Ali Golkar was born in 1948 in the historic city of Isfahan, Iran. His deep passion for the arts became apparent at an early age, beginning with an interest in the classical Persian style for which he won numerous awards at the national level in painting. As a student of fine arts and architecture in Tehran, Iran, Golkar made the decision to move with his wife to the United States in 1974 where he has been living ever since. While pursuing a formal education at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles (Sci-Arc), Golkar continued to indulge in his love for painting and exhibited his work throughout California. His career in painting proved so fruitful from the start that he decided, upon graduating from Sci-Arc, to work full-time as an artist. In his work, love, beauty, music, and poetry are portrayed with both grace and joy of life seldom encountered in contemporary art. Greek and Renaissance mythology are fused with the expressionism of 20th century French humanistic paintings. Steeped in the cultures of Europe and the Orient, Golkar explores the depth of his cultural heritage and life experiences through his work. In recent years, his work has evolved to encompass multiple media such as etchings (handmade prints), watercolor, gouache, pen and ink, and acrylic painting. In 2009, Golkar unveiled a limited edition collection of modern sculptures--the first representation of his signature style in three-dimensional form. For well over 25 years, Ali Golkar's work has been enthusiastically received in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Recent exhibitions include gallery and museum shows nationwide in the U.S. as well as in France, Italy, China, and Japan. Golkar has also participated in several philanthropic causes, donating time and works to such organizations as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Nicole Brown Foundation for Battered Women, the city of Los Angeles' Community of Angels project, and various community programs nationwide benefiting schools and civic causes. For Ali Golkar, painting is a fusion of his dreams, thoughts, and experiences-- a means of portraying the often intangible in a way which moves the viewer. His unconscious aim, rather than to experiment with an artistic vocabulary, is to transcend conceptual boundaries and create a new world of expression through his art. "My hand holds the brush, and my heart blows life into it." -Ai Golkar

Dimensions With Frame

H 58.75 in. x W 70.25 in. x D 1 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 47.5 in. x W 58.5 in.
“As Night Falls” Colorful Abstract Contour Line Painting of Three Seated Women