Robert Morris

"Assemblage #6" Surrealist Collection of Art History Figures in Glitter 1969



Glass, Wood, Glitter, Acrylic


Assemblage work behind glass with glitter filling the interior. The figures behind the glass are from famous paintings like Robert Campin's "The Annunciation" from the Merode Altarpiece, Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" from the Sistine Chapel. Jan Van Eyke's "Arnolfini Portrait", Leonardo di Vinci's Mona Lisa. The work references famous paintings from art history.

Artist Biography

From an early age, artist Robert Morris displayed a unique talent and affinity for the arts. He received his BFA from Yale University where he studied with Josef Albers and Bernard Chaet, and his MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. With a distinguished career as an artist spanning six decades, Robert Morris has exhibited in many prestigious art venues in the country and received several awards in honor of his work. He has held faculty positions at Wesleyan University (Connecticut), University of Bridgeport (Connecticut), and the University of Houston (Texas). Also, during the late 1950s, he served as the Exhibition Designer at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Subsequently, as the Director of the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, he staged avant garde exhibitions such as the Tenth Street Abstract Expressionists and gave early exposure to work of Robert Rauschenberg, Ray Johnson and others. Before retirement, he was a Visiting Professor of Art, Trinity College (Connecticut) -- including a stint teaching Monument Drawing in their Rome, Italy location. Although now "retired", he continues to actively produce works, and regularly exhibits at local and regional art shows in and around his beloved town of historic Guilford, CT.


H 10 in. x W 12 in. x D 1 in.