Herb Booth

"Billin' and Cooin'" Naturalistic Dove Lithograph 59/ 95, 1990s





Naturalistic lithograph of a pair of doves sitting on a branch. Titled, signed, and numbered along the bottom edge. Mounted in a natural wood frame with an off-white matte.

Artist Biography

Herb Booth has wedded his artistic skills with decades of experience as a naturalist and hunter and has become a painter of sporting and wildlife scenes in Texas. Booth's work has appeared has designed eleven conservation stamp prints. He is best known for his watercolor paintings, but he also does original graphics. Author Michael McIntosh notes: "It is a peculiar fact of sporting art it cannot be successfully faked. A sporting scene, if it aspires to any degree of acceptance, must not only reflect genuine experience on the artist's part but must also evoke the memory and feeling of similar experience in the viewer." In Booth's art the sense of authenticity and depth of personal experience are instantly recognizable. For the past twenty years he has specialized in personalized sporting scenes including scenes of families hunting or fishing together.


H 16 in. x W 12.5 in. x D .5 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 11 in. x W 8 in.
"Billin' and Cooin'" Naturalistic Dove Lithograph 59/ 95, 1990s