Ike E. Morgan

Black and White Abstract Figurative Drawing of Men with Text Elements 1990s



Pencil on paper


Monochromatic abstract figurative drawing by Texas artist Ike E. Morgan. The drawing depicts two figures in profile and some textual elements around them. Signed by the artist at the bottom left corner. Framed in a wooden frame decorated with diamond shapes all around.

Artist Biography

Ike E. Morgan, (born in Rockdale, Texas- 1958) has always enjoyed painting portraits. His earliest known paintings from high school were historic portraits and he painted George Washington from the dollar bill when he was in the Austin State Hospital, where he resided from age 17 through age 41. Ike works in series based on the materials he has on hand and what is in his mind. His work can be created with a wide range of materials. Ike is a confident man with a great personal style and a loving manner. He paints every day, enamored with historical portraits and occasionally adding in pop culture figures from his youth, birds, or animals. This past year Ike transitioned to living in a nursing home and still paints every day. He is currently obsessed with painting sheets of money. We visit him almost every trip from our Fort Davis gallery to our Waxahachie gallery, ensuring he is stocked with art supplies, blow pops, a working record player, and any other needed or desired items. We have known and loved Ike since 1992 and he always amazes us with his wise words and incredible love for painting.

Dimensions With Frame

H 18.43 in x W 22.75 in x D 2.75 in

Dimensions Without Frame

H 10.25 in x W 14.5 in