Stephen Daniels

"Black Knight" Abstract Figurative Bronze Sculpture 1981



Bronze, Wood


Stephen Daniel's "Black Knight" abstract figurative sculpture constructed with bronze and patina noire. "Black Knight" was cast in a small, independent art foundry in Marshfield, Gloucestershire in the spring of 1981. Marked with the artist's symbol, the sculpture is unique, with no editions or artist's copy. It was modelled directly into wax, after which the bronze was cast into a waste mold, using the 'lost-wax' process. As the mold no longer exists, the sculpture cannot be replicated. The base was made in black, lacquered wood by Starling Bros, fine furniture makers. The imagery of "Black Knight" suggests layers of armor, shields, and cloaks over the figurative form and was finished in a black surface patina.

Artist Biography

Stephen Daniels was born in the City of Bath and attended schools in the local area. He lived in a village in the South Cotswolds on the outskirts of Bath where he had a smalls studio workshop. Daniels' work has been primarily based around three themes: 'Dark Crusaders', 'Horse and Rider', and 'Seafarers'. Through each of these themes, he aimed to evoke timeless, ambiguous quality, while exploring abstract ideas such as resilience, defiance, and deliverance.


H 21 in. x W 9 in. x D 9 in.
"Black Knight" Abstract Figurative Bronze Sculpture 1981
"Black Knight" Abstract Figurative Bronze Sculpture 1981