Jim Hudek

Black, White, & Pink Contemporary Pop Art Collage Portrait of Bettie Page 2022



Mixed media collage, resin, wood panel


About Black, white, and light pink pop art mixed media collage by Houston, Texas artist Jim Hudek. Digitally printed black and white image of Bettie Page against a background of magazine cutouts. Board coated with clear resin. Signed in the front lower right corner. Unframed but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

"I'm a native Houstonian and have been making art most of my life. I'm a mixed media abstract artist, abstract painter and collage artist who enjoys making all kinds of art using all types of materials and mediums. One day I'm painting abstracts and possibly the following few days I'll work on collages using cut and torn magazines. When I'm done with those I do a few pop art nostalgia style magazine covers. Essentially, Im an artist you can't categorize. I love to do it all. I was born to do this. I derive a lot of my inspiration from jazz when painting abstract art, The music of jazz has always been synonymous with abstract expressionist painting. I can feel the music actually guide me in a direction that is like a conductor of a big band. Hitting the high notes with a bold stroke of bright color or accents of muted tones. In my other work, collage, mixed media abstracts and such, i often use images I've taken around doing street photography. Print them, tear as needed, cut and paste."


H 40 in x W 30 in x D 1.75 in