Peter Nickel

“Blue Cat’s Cradle” Modern Abstract Blue Mixed Media Female Figurative Painting 1989



Paper, Mixed Media, Oil


Large abstract blue-toned figurative portrait that depicts a woman and with string looped around her fingers also recognized as one of the oldest games in human history: Cat's Cradle (which involves creating various string figures by passing loops of string between your fingers.) Signed and dated by the artist in the bottom right corner. The work is beautiful displayed floating behind glass and in a gold frame.

Artist Biography

Peter Nickel was born in Los Angeles, California but lives and works in Austin, Texas. Collected by many prestigious organizations like the Getty Museum, Armand Hammer Museum, Library of Congress, Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas, Nickel is known for his ambitious lithographs, paintings and drawings which merge classical subject matter and styles with the surreal. Artist's Statement: "In my work, I seek to explore a range of contradictory themes within a given image. Because I am a twin, I have an interest in what manner dualities are revealed. By resurrecting references to the past with what I refer to as my surrealist mind's eye, I juxtapose figurative and abstracted styles; I recall historical images and treat them within a contemporary context. In doing so, I hope to suggest opposing and dual characteristics simultaneously, contrasting through a personal symbolism such themes as: Realism vs distortion...Delicate vs violent or aggressive drawing style...Submissive vs assertive nature...And the real vs the anonymous, ephemeral and spiritual."

Dimensions With Frame

H 38 in. x W 38 in. x D 1.5 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 30.5 x W 31.5 in.
“Blue Cat’s Cradle” Modern Abstract Blue Mixed Media Female Figurative Painting 1989