Herbert Mears

"City Cafe" Cubist Post Impressionist Abstract Landscape, 1970's





Cubist style post-impressionist landscape painting of building facades by Herbert Mears. The work is done using oil paints and this adds texture to the surface of the canvas. The work is framed in a gold wooden frame with a white matte. Attached to the back of the canvas is a DuBose Gallery label.

Artist Biography

Born in New York City in 1923, Herb Mears was interested in art from a young age. He studied under Fernand Leger in Paris and went on to paint and study in various studios in France and Italy before his arrival in Houston in 1951. With colleague David Adickes, whom he had met in Paris, Mears decided to open an art school. Their Studio of Contemporary Arts finally settled in an old building on Main Street with Mears and Adickes hoping to give classes to potential students. However money was tight and Mears found himself as a draftsman for Houston Lighting and Power Company, a job he excelled at and enjoyed. Later, Mears was involved in the Contemporary Arts Association, frequently making trips to ensure security in addition to enjoying the art scene the Association provided. From the CAA to the Art League of Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts, Mears began to gain recognition. An abstract, or non-objective piece as he called it, won a prize at a competition held by the Museum of Fine Arts, earning him a teaching position at the Museum School. Mears also taught at the Contemporary Arts Museum, University of Houston, and Rice University. Mears passed away in 1999.


H 31.63 in. x W 55.63 in. x D 1.5 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 24 in x W 48 in.