Peter Healy

"Cold Cut 1" Pastel Sky Blue, Red, Gray, and Pink Abstract Contemporary Painting



Oil on wood panel


Sky blue, pink, yellow, maroon and red abstract geometric contemporary painting by Houston, TX artist Peter Healy. The piece depicts colorful stick figures against a gray and pink-ish background. This painting was included in a 2022 group show "Houston, We Need a Title!" at Reeves Art + Design. Signed and dated by the artist at the back. Unframed but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

I am an Irish artist with a background in illustration. These days I work in series and also individual paintings, drawings, and assemblages. My mediums are oil paint, acrylic, ink, pencil, collaged fabric, assembled wood/ various 3d objects and paper. I try to let ideas come to me and sometimes let the pieces speak to me through their creation using editing as part of the process. They are usually colorful and I often try to illustrate the contrast of living in the sparsely populated Fermanagh countryside of my youth, and living in the city with a diverse population. I have lived in Ireland, England, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. I now call Houston, Texas home where I live with my wife and two daughters. These experiences and diverse populations have influenced my work. There are so many ways to represent population architecture and nature, that I am constantly going between mediums to describe these relationships.


H 9 in x D 12 in x D 1.75 in