Stephen Alaniz

Colorful Abstract Contemporary Green, Black and Blue Acrylic Fluid Painting 2019



Resin, Acrylic


Colorful abstract acrylic fluid painting that incorporates hues of black, teal, and green. Signed and dated by the artist on the side of the piece.

Artist Biography

"I am an artist and native of Houston, Texas. This is my 5th year making fluid art, predominantly on wood surfaces and finished in a high gloss poly-resin. As a modern medium, I spent the first two years working with and refining techniques with fluid acrylic paints before taking my art to the streets. After having an invigorating first public showing and selling out, I was excited and began planning another series. I have since developed an undying passion for what I do and look forward to sharing it with everyone. I love experimenting in combining layers and techniques to create abstract visions of otherworldly landscapes, fauna and flora. Within this medium, I find an emotional connection that speaks with surrealistic elements and I wish to explore the depths by which art can enrich and inspire our day to day lives." - Stephen Alaniz


H 40 in. x W 30 in. x D 1.5 in.