Moises Villafuerte

Contemporary Surrealist Landscape Painting of a Leopard & Peacock on the Beach 2022



Acrylic on canvas


Colorful whimsical abstract contemporary painting by Houston, TX artist Moisés Villafuerte. The work features a surreal collection of items including an alarm clock, a Venus de Milo statue, eggs, and a bear trap scattered around the central leopard and peacock figures. These items are set against the setting sun of a secluded beach alcove. Currently unframed, but options are available.

Artist Biography

With genuine intentions, Moisés chooses to project a sensation of power, leisure, and empathy in his works. By drawing attention to voyeuristic approaches to reality, he encourages a shared experience between work and himself. Moises was born in Mexico and lived in New York for four years, where he was exposed to more creative forms and approaches to art. Moises now lives and works in Houston, Texas.


H 35.75 in x W 9.88 in x D 1.5 in