Douglas Perez Castro

"De Sovediencia III" Contemporary Abstract Figurative Surrealist Match Painting 2015





Figurative surrealist oil painting by Cuban artist Douglas Perez Castro. This painting depicts a scene with several figures with matches as heads dressed as servers. All figures are similar in composition and color with slight differences in hand placement. Set against a light background with red and brown borders, the figures are the main focus with far left figure lit on fire. Signed, titled, and dated on reverse. Currently hung in a simple, black frame.

Artist Biography

Douglas Perez Castro is a Cuban contemporary artist born in 1972, whose paintings tackle complex matters in local history, society, and culture. Castro adapts a real-life picture of economic, social, and cultural life on the island of his birth with care, irony, and humor. "In doing so, he appropriates the iconography and techniques of the Cuban avant-garde of the mid-19th century but also of the 17th-century Dutch masters. As he himself expressed it, this means that he transports and establishes himself between his own Cuban history and the history of art." Works such as Troyano, Picazzo, La República Habanera, and La Ciudad de las Oportunidades have a powerful visual load due to their content and their relationship with fiction, just as well as his older and more recent pieces. Castro's work is not only limited to the historical but gives way to society today with an alienated reality.

Dimensions With Frame

H: 27.5 x W: 42.63

Dimensions Without Frame

H 28.75 in x W 44.13 in x D 1.75 in