Courtney Khim

"Distance" Print on Rainbow Striped Paper 2017



Block Print, Paper


Courtney Khim block print on colorfully striped paper that incorporates hues of red, blue, yellow and green. The print consists of two figures surrounded by floating eyes that are each adorned with iridescent rhinestones. The piece is signed and dated by the artist and is nicely displayed in a white frame.

Artist Biography

Courtney Khim (b. 1997) is an American artist who currently resides in Houston, TX. Khim received a BA in Art and Art History from the University of Houston and continues to work as an art historian as well as a practicing artist. She has a strong interest in decorative arts and worked alongside the curatorial department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Khim's body of work consists of painting, prints and sculpture that all focus around color theory, process and adornment.

Dimensions With Frame

H 12 in. x W 15 in. x D 0.5 in.