Ed Booth

Edward Snowden “Whistleblower” Red, Orange, and Black Abstract Portrait Painting 2021



Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint


Abstract contemporary painting of Edward Snowden by Austin, Texas artist Ed Booth. Large red, orange, and yellow vectorized portrait painting of Snowden in a dark red gradient background. Signed by artist at the bottom left. Unframed but framing options are available. Edward Snowden is a 31 year old US citizen, former Intelligence Community officer and whistleblower. The documents he revealed provided a vital public window into the NSA and its international intelligence partners’ secret mass surveillance programs and capabilities. These revelations generated unprecedented attention around the world on privacy intrusions and digital security, leading to a global debate on the issue.

Artist Statement

"Most of my paintings are based on photos that capture my imagination. I'm fascinated with the process of breaking down a photo into its base elements and finding opportunities for shape, tone, and color. When I start a new composition, I generally focus on what can be discarded before considering what to add. My goal is to filter out anything extraneous while adding elements that help tell the story behind it.”

Artist Biography

After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Studio Art, Ed pursued a career in animation, while also exploring the local street art scene in Austin. His work embraces the techniques of street art while retaining the clean lines and shapes used in animation. His work can be seen on murals, paste-ups and in galleries around Austin.


H 48 in. x W 36 in. x D 1.75 in.