McKay Otto

"Ever Is Ever" Contemporary Semi-Transparent Mixed Media Wall Sculpture 2004-2005



Nylon and mixed media


Semi-transparent mixed media painting by Texas artist McKay Otto. Through layering thin, semi-transparent layers of fabric and paint over other background forms, Otto is able to create a deeper pictorial space and encourage the viewer to consider the relationship of light, color, and form. Signed, titled, and dated by the artist on the reverse.

Artist Biography

McKay Otto’s work represents a dynamic way of contemplating art, where he takes the viewer into new dimensions, breaking a traditional way of seeing. His paintings have a hidden meaning: when they are seen in the dark, Otto’s paintings reveal another work of art that is only unveiled and visible when not in the light. This uncommon and rare experience that enlightens the viewer truly gives meaning to what he is attempting to convey. He not only surprises us with his ability to play with light and darkness, but his research for new materials that characterize his canvases amaze and delight as well. It is in this way that McKay Otto was able to break the traditional two-dimensional plane into the three- dimensional. The experience of contemplating McKay’s work, changes, evolves, and is different for everyone who perceives it.


H 15 in x W 40 in x D 2.25 in