Tyler Casey

"Ferrari (Testarossa)" Contemporary Abstract Pop Art Sports Car Painting 2023



Acrylic, Crayon, and Spray Paint on Canvas


Recently exhibited in "Tyler Casey: Once Upon a Time" at Reeves Art + Design. “Once Upon a Time” unveils a collection that encapsulates the life experiences and distinctive viewpoints of Tyler Casey. Having embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery in his teens, Casey’s artistic sensibilities have been enriched by his travels and life abroad, ultimately giving rise to his distinctive artistic approach. With a deep-rooted connection to both Mexico and Texas, his art is brimming with color, emotion, and narrative. Drawing inspiration from the ever-evolving worlds of politics and pop culture, Tyler Casey’s creations evoke thought-provoking conversation, inviting viewers to reflect and engage. His artwork is a testament to the power of art in addressing contemporary issues and reflecting the pulse of our society.


H 48 in. x W 60 in. x D 1.5 in.