Fil Mottola

Fil Mottola - "Sparkling Waters" Realistic Boat Dock Landscape



Oil on Board


Naturalistic boat dock landscape. The work is in a hyper-realistic style. It has the artist copyright sticker on the back of the board. It is framed in a silver frame with an open back.

Artist Biography

Mottola was born in Orange, New Jersey. His parents came to the US from Naples, Italy. He is a graduate of Otis Art Institute, California with a three-yr scholarship. His teachers were Roscoe Schrader and Ralph Holmes for Landscapes, and Paul Clemens, famous Hollywood portrait painter. As a Hollywood motion picture illustrator for 12 yrs with Walt Disney Studios, he received numerous screen Credits as a background painter for productions such as "Sleeping Beauty", "Peter Pan","Lady and the Tramp", "Sword and the Stone" and many other films and TV specials. Three of these films were winners of the coveted Oscar award. Mottola's work has been displayed in galleries throughout the nation for over fifty years. Sadly, Fil Mottola passed away in March of 2008.


H 25.5 in. x W 29.5 in. x D 2.5 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 20 in x W 24 in.
Fil Mottola - "Sparkling Waters" Realistic Boat Dock Landscape