Geoff Hippenstiel

Geoff Hippenstiel - Colorful Abstract Landscape with Dominating Blues, Yellows, and Greens, 2010's



Oil Paint


Abstract painting of what looks like a landscape. The painting as colorful tones of pinks, yellow, greens, and blues with gold hints. Painting is not signed but is one of Geoff Hippensteil's works. Painting was recently cleaned and framed in a natural wooden frame.

Artist Biography

Hippenstiel has been influenced by the German expressionism movement as well as contemporary painters. Geoff Hippenstiel received his graduate degree in Drawling and Painting from the University of Houston, Texas in 2010. He has had multiple solo exhibits in Houston, Texas including the Devin Borden Gallery, Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas, and Contemporary Art Museum Houston. He is known for his use of an impasto technique in layering oil based materials on the canvas.

Dimensions with Frame

H 73 in. x W 73 in. x D 2.5 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 71 in. x W 71 in. x D 1 in.