David Adickes

"Harlequin Family" Abstract Figurative Tapestry of Musicians and a Muse 1970s





Warm toned abstract figurative tapestry by Houston-based artist David Adickes. The work features three central figures, one with a flute, one with a scarf, and one female figure wearing a hat, all classic imagery found in Adickes' work. The artist's signature is incorporated into the weave of the tapestry in the lower left corner and there is a tag on the back with the manufacturing information. Originally created in Portugal.

Artist Biography

Born (1927) and raised in Huntsville, TX, David Adickes is an artist whose art and heart are closely aligned with Paris, France. After studying art at the Atelier F. Leger in the late 40s, Adickes burst onto the art scene in Houston and elsewhere in the early 50s and has been a prominent member of Houston’s art community ever since. While his most visible works are his giant sculptures, from the Virtuoso in downtown Houston to the 76-foot Sam Houston in his hometown of Huntsville, David Adickes has for decades produced paintings that have been acclaimed in numerous art exhibitions and galleries, both in the United States and internationally. Moreover, his paintings continue to delight collectors with a distinct blend of classic style, a delightful palette, and a touch of whimsy.


H 63.25 in. x D 51 in.