Frank Dolejska

"Head of Christ" Large Black Figurative Enamel Painting of Jesus Christ's Face 1955



Enamel (powder)


Large abstract figurative painting by Houston, TX artist Frank Dolejska. The painting depicts the face of Jesus Christ in black drawn on a brown board. Originally came out of the estate of Edward Mayo, the long-time registrar at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Framed in a beautiful, modern 3-inch thick frame. Signed and titled by the artist at the back.

Artist Biography

Frank Dolejska (1921-1989) Painter, watercolorist, sculptor, craftsperson, scenic painter. Frank C. Dolejska was born in 1921 in Houston, Texas and was the first-generation child of immigrant parents (his father from Austria-Hungary, and his mother from Moravia). Dolejska’s interest in art began early and he taught himself many of the skills used in his works. From 1938-1940, Dolejska studied under Ola McNeill Davidson along with fellow student, Robert Preusser. and was one of the modernist Houston artists who exhibited at Our Little Gallery in Houston in 1938. Dolejska and Preusser were two of the first non-objective painters in Texas, with early works dating from 1938. After serving in World War II in both Africa and Europe, Dolejska returned to Houston where he was one of the founders of the Contemporary Arts Association of Houston (later to become the Contemporary Arts Museum). He also was co-director of the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston from 1948-1956. After departing from the CAA in 1956, Dolejska took up metalwork, creating sculptures with copper and lead. During this time, he was married to artist Varah Jane “VJ” Tate who collaborated on numerous artworks and projects together. In 1957, he co-founded Handmakers and other craftsmen in Houston, and from the late 1950s-1970s, his metal works, along with works by local Houston artists, were sold commercially through the Handmakers shop. From 1966 – 1986, Dolejska was employed by Faroy, Inc. and the company marketed his limited-edition metal wall decorations. Throughout his career, Dolejska was a member of the Texas Watercolor Society, Texas Fine Arts Association, Houston Art League, Art Association of New Orleans, Contemporary Arts Association and. The Handmakers. He died in Houston in 1989 and was known to have destroyed many of his paintings, making his early paintings quite rare.

Dimensions With Frame

H 88.13 in. x W 73.88 in. x D 3 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 85 in. x W 70.88 in.
"Head of Christ" Large Black Figurative Enamel Painting of Jesus Christ's Face 1955
"Head of Christ" Large Black Figurative Enamel Painting of Jesus Christ's Face 1955