Charles Pebworth

"I Think I Will" Modern Oval Drawing of a Nude Woman with Wings and Boots



Pen and ink on paper


Modern oval figurative drawing of a nude, tattooed woman with wings and cowboy boots by Houston, TX artist Charles Pebworth. Signed by the artist next to the figure's right hip. Hung behind glass in a silver metal frame with a silver reflective matting.

Artist Biography

Charles Pebworth is known for his metal artmaking. He attended the University of Houston from 1954 to 55 where he received his bachelor's in sculpting. He acquired his master's from Louisiana State University in 1955 to 57. Spent most of his time teaching in the greater Houston area. Pebworth died in January of 2019.

Dimensions With Frame

H 16.5 in. x W 13.75 in. x D .75 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 15.13 in. x W 12.25 in.