(After) Giovanni Battista Passeri

"In Bibliotheca Vaticana" Classical Roman Etching





This Passeri print displays a vase found at the top of the print, interestingly many of these vases were housed in the Galleria Clementina of the Vatican Library. There are two panels under the vase the second panel from the top depicts two figures interacting with various items and the print gives the viewer a look into the Etruscan period.

Artist Biography

Giovanni Battista Passeri was an Italian painter from the Baroque period known for his volume of artists' biographies, or lives of prominent painters, sculptors, and architects who practiced in Rome.


H 23 in. x W 18 in. x D 1 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 18in x W 12in.
"In Bibliotheca Vaticana" Classical Roman Etching