Irwin D. Hoffman

Irwin D. Hoffman- Concert of Men Playing a Guitar Under a Tree 1933





Engraving of a concert of men wearing sombreros listening to a man play the guitar under a tree. One man is a sleep in the bottom right corner and others are conversating under a tree in the back ground. The engraving is signed by the artist and dated. Framed in a painted wooden frame with a sepia colored matte.

Artist Biography

Irwin D. Hoffman was born in 1901 in Boston. He was one of four sons from Russian parents. His talent for art was recognized at an early age and he was enrolled at the age of 15 to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School after he graduated from high school. At age 19, Boston's Grace Horne Galleries gave the young artist his first solo show where his works were displayed to the public in grand manner and the press referred to him as "a prodigy in portraiture." In 1924, Hoffman received The Paige Traveling Scholarship, the Museum School's most prestigious award. his return from Europe, Hoffman established himself in a NYC studio, which he maintained until his death in 1989. From his base in New York, Hoffman traveled during the 30s & 40s with his brothers who owned a mining company and prospected in the southwestern US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Many of the canvases in this current exhibition reflect these travels.

Dimensions With Frame

H 14.5 in. x W 18 in. x D .5 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 7 in. x W 10 in.
Irwin D. Hoffman- Concert of Men Playing a Guitar Under a Tree 1933