John Cary

John Cary- Arabia Hand Painted Map Engraving From "New and Correct English Atlas" First Printed in 1816





Hand-painted map of the Arabian peninsula with detailed topography and major city locations. The map is framed in a gold metal frame with a white map. The engraving has the artist stamp along with the engraver and date.

Artist Biography

John Cary was an English cartographer. He was born in February of 1755 and died in August of 1835. His career started with his apprenticeship in London. After he opened up his own shop in the Strand in 1783. His atlas "New and Correct English Atlas" became the standard reference work in England. He was commissioned in 1794 by the Postmaster General to survey England's roads. Out of this commission, he published "Cary's New Itinerary" in 1798. He later produced "Ordnance Survey maps before 1805. His business was eventually taken over by G. F. Cruchley.


H 12 in. x W 15.5 in. x D 1 in.