Joseph Cohen

Large White Abstract Contemporary Heavily Textured Drip Painting



Mixed media, acrylic paint, board


Abstract contemporary painting by Houston, TX artist Joseph Cohen. This piece features several different colors of paint layers as seen on the edges of the painting. It is finished with a final layer of white that shows bubbling, marks, and

Artist Statement

Diversity of thought and experience is central in my work. My collaboration with scientists has led to the invention of nano-paint that can detect cancer and other diseases. I illustrate nanomaterials' unique characteristics through my art. The research enables me to address how we create and understand our surroundings. Integration of artist/researcher/scientist isn’t merely superficial since it has resulted in tangible discoveries and patents from our collaborations. Our ability to expand limitations of thought and share our diverse experiences has pushed the boundaries of art and has contributed to the creativity of research labs for which true discovery can incubate.

Artist Biography

Joseph Cohen was born in Houston, TX, where he currently lives and works. Cohen's work is included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Art (Houston), and has been included in exhibitions at New Bedford Art Museum (New Bedford, MA) and the Contemporary Art Museum (Houston), among others.


H 89.5 in. W x 46 in. x D 2 in.
Large White Abstract Contemporary Heavily Textured Drip Painting