Large Wing Booth Sofa / Settee by Jordan Mozer


Made By

Jordan Mozer (Designer)




Large Wing Booths designed by Jordan Mozer for the notable Américas Restaurant, Houston, TX (2012). Each chair is made of integrally colored, non-combustible, glass and Kevlar reinforced chocolate resin. Jordan Mozer is the founder and principal of Jordan Mozer & Associates, Limited (JMA). Prior to earning two degrees, one in Industrial Design and a second in architecture, he studied painting, sculpture and English literature, all of which inform his work on a daily basis. He is as attentive to the details of every client’s business plan as he is to the look of each logo he designs and the craftsmanship of each door pull he carves by hand. Jordan Mozer & Associates, Limited (JMA) is an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, artists, project managers and storytellers that takes pride in collaborating with clients to create hotels, restaurants, residences, spas, shops, entertainment venues and office spaces throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. JMA invents and manufactures the design components for public projects. These include architectural details, lighting, furnishings, artwork and graphics. Principals Jordan Mozer, Jeff Carloss and Karen Lilly Mozer, have worked in partnership for nearly 30 years.


H 83 in. x W 96 in. x D 39 in.

Seat Height

H 19 in.
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Large Wing Booth Sofa / Settee by Jordan Mozer
Large Wing Booth Sofa / Settee by Jordan Mozer