Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Man Twirling Mustache Abstract Figurative Digital Print, 1970's



Digital Print with Inlaid Foil


Abstract figurative print of a man twirling his mustache wearing a brightly colored suit. The print has blue and silver foiled parts making it glisten in the light. This image was used for a gallery poster for Aberbach Fine Art in 1973. The work was printed by Gruener Janura Glarus in Germany. The print is framed in a lucite frame.

Artist Biography

Friedrich Stowasser his pseudonym Friedrich Hundertwasser was born in Austria in 1928. During the Second World War, his mother and he who were Jewish avoided persecution by posing as Catholic. After the was he spent three months studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. This was when he transitioned into signing his work with Hunderwasser. He traveled and painted on his travels anything that caught his eye. In Florance, he met a young French painter Rene Bro and they became life long friends. His first success as an artist was in 1952 when his work was exhibited in Vienna. In the early 1950's he took up architecture. His architectural designs used irregular forms and incorporated the natural features of the landscape. The Hundertwasserhaus apartment block in Vienna has undulating floors, a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows. He took no payment for the design of Hundertwasserhaus, declaring that it was worth the investment to "prevent something ugly from going up in its place". His architecture advocated a more environmentally friendly but still functional. Most of the buildings he designed are in Austria.


H 35.75 in. x W 13.5 in. x D 2 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 35 in x W 13.25 in.
Man Twirling Mustache Abstract Figurative Digital Print, 1970's