Holland Geibel

"My Ducks Are Definitely Not in a Row" Contemporary Neutral Toned Abstract 2023



Acrylic on Canvas


Contemporary abstract geometric painting by Houston-based artist Holland Geibel. The work features layers of rectangular shapes in various neutral tones of tan, white, and black. Signed, titled, and dated on the reverse. Currently unframed, but options are available.

Artist Biography

Growing up in both Texas and Oregon, Holland split her year between the Texas Gulf Coast and the Emerald Valley of the Pacific North West. She returned to Texas full time to finish college where she received a BFA in Fine Art photography. Holland continued to photograph the world around her while raising two children. As photography evolved into a digital medium, she found that she missed the physical manipulation of the work, which lead her back to painting and drawing. After dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one, her work turned to the abstract, as a way of helping to make sense of the chaos and disharmony of life. Her layered works generally deal with connections and order. Her nuanced color palette, invites the viewer to experience her connections to the past and new pathways to the future, while trying to find calm in the present.


H 40 in. x W 40 in. x D 2 in.