Winifred Booth

“Nightshade” Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Floral Still Life Painting 2020



Acrylic Paint, Canvas


Colorful abstract expressionist floral still life painting by contemporary Texas artist Winifred Booth. The work features a purple and blue field with green and burgundy accents. Signed by artist in front lower right corner. Hung in a neutral brown wooden frame.

Artist Biography

Originally from Northern Ireland, Winifred moved to Texas in 1982. From 2004 - 2006 she studied still life and landscape painting at the Williamson studio and the Houston Art League where she honed her lifelong love of painting. For the most part a representational painter, she occasionally experimented with abstracts, but since 2018 they have been her main focus. She is a juried member of American Women Artists where she holds associate with distinction recognition. Her work hangs in several U.S., Canadian and European homes. A selection of her paintings may be viewed at Reeves Art and Design in Houston.

Artist's Statement

"My paintings gradually build on themselves from a series of layers. Often it’s about removing an element as much as it is about adding one. I usually integrate something from each layer, whether texture or color, in creating what I hope is a final cohesive image."

Dimensions With Frame

H 31.25 in. x W 25.25 in. x D 2 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 24 in. x W 30 in.