Peter Wu

"Nourishing Prayer" Large Contemporary Pastel Toned Gestural Abstract Painting 2022



Oil on canvas


Pastel toned abstract painting by Texas-based artist Peter Wu. The work features light blue and peach toned gestural strokes against a white background. Signed in the front lower right corner as well as titled, signed, and dated by artist on the reverse. Currently hung in a painted white floating frame.

Artist Biography

Peter Wu has been engaged in artistic creation for more than 30 years. He has held solo and group art shows around the world and many of his artworks have been collected by collectors in different countries. Especially in 2003, when his artwork was collected by the municipal government of Lille Mons of France. The style of Mr. Wu’s works is lyrical and poetic. His works have shown a solid foundation of traditional painting skills. At the same time, the background of oriental culture deeply influenced the form and style of his works. He skillfully uses the rules of oriental composition in his works. Elements of eastern and western aesthetics can be found in his elegant and colorful abstract paintings and some of his figurative works. The perfect combination of light, texture, and sense of volume, which are the basic aesthetic demands of visual art, has provided the viewers with pleasant artistic enjoyment, and also enable viewers to explore the meaning of living and life. During the past decades, Mr. Wu has explored and experimented with different artistic styles that evolved gradually from traditional western art. As you can see from his artworks, he is an artist that can do different styles. He has a good performance in all fields of fine art. In other words, he has perfect artistic control over various styles and materials in art. Mr. Wu has received many honors during his years of artistic practice. In 2003, due to his excellent performance in the Sino-French Cultural Year, Mr. Wu was awarded the Medal of Honor France-China (Medaille D`Honneur France-Chine ) by the Association D`Echanges Artistiques Universels, and was invited to become an honorary member of the Association of the Universal Artist Exchange (Association D`Echanges Artistiques Universels) in France. After coming to the United States in 2016, his art activities are concentrated in the USA. In recent years, he has been actively participating in various art events in different states of the United States. For example, as one of the seven invited Chinese artists, Mr. Wu attended the Art Show on Contemporary Chinese Christian Art hosted by Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles. In 2019, he attended the biennale seminar and art show of the American Christian Art Exhibition hosted by CIVA. In 2017, he participated in the 70th Houston Street Painting Festival, which was covered by China's most influential media - Xinhua News Agency. Mr. Peter Wu is an artist who has formed his own style and has profound insight into art.

Dimensions With Frame

H 37.75 in x W 61.75 in x D 1.75 in

Dimensions Without Frame

H 36 in. x W 60 in.