Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro - "Out of the Blue" Abstract Blue Toned Collage, 2000



Acrylic Paint and Attached Paper


Abstract collage painting with acrylic paint. Painted pieces of paper were attached to a blue painted paper. This piece was shown at The Santa Fe Artists Emergency Medical Fund along with various other works by different artist. The piece is framed in a dark wooden frame with a white matte.

Artist Biography

PAUL SHAPIRO was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 26,1939. He grew up in the Boston area, eventually pursing a major in biology at Northeastern University from 1957 to 1958. However, after two years at Northeastern, Paul decided to become an artist and leave the university. He enrolled in night classes at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at the beginning of 1959, in order to study drawing. A year later he entered the Museum's day school, which he attended until 1962. In 1982 he permanently relocated to Santa Fe because of his involvement with landscape painting. Pauls body of landscape works were and remain a major influence on the look of landscape paintings in the Southwest. In 1990, Paul abandoned the landscape focus and returned to a more abstract approach in his work. Many of the color and black-and-white paintings from that period are represented on this site. In 2004, his style again evolved, incorporating newly discovered techniques for applying acrylic paint. He named the output of this discovery The Quantumscape Series. Paul defines this body of work as a metaphorical depiction of a pre-matter state with different energy structures at work—a new kind of landscape that is very appropriate for the near future. In 2010, he won the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. He has two solo exhibits in Santa Fe.


H 14 in. x W 14 in. x D 1 in.