Emile Lejeune

Pencil Study of a Reclining Woman 1946





Study of a woman reclining with her arm behind her head like the famous painting by Renaissance artist Titian's Venus of Urbino. She has on a loose dress that falls over the surface she is reclining on. The paper is not framed. Many others are available. Please inquire to buy the entire collection.

Artist Biography

Emile Lejeune was a painter form Geneva. He moved to Paris and opened up his studio at 6 rue Huyghens in Montparnasse where a range of events was held at including concerts by the group known as Les Six, exhibitions, including an exhibition of African art organized by Paul Guillaume, and poetry readings, particularly by Apollinaire and Cocteau. After visiting Provence, Emile Lejeune finally decided, in 1922, to move to Cagnes with his family. Both Soutine’s portraits of Lejeune date from this period, either before Lejeune left Paris, or just after he had moved. He was influenced by artists like Amedeo Modigliani and Claude Monet.


H 8.25 in. x W 9.88 in. x D .001 in.