Robert Preusser

"Polyurethane Relief #16" White Abstract Geometric Sculptural Relief Painting



Polyurethane, Gesso, Glass Beads, Mixed Media


White abstract geometric sculptural relief painting by Houston, TX artist Robert Preusser. This painting features textured three-dimensional abstracted shapes down and across the board made of polyurethane and gesso. The textures come from tiny glass beads. Signed by the artist at the back and framed in a thin chrome frame.

Artist Biography

Robert Preusser was born in Houston, Texas, and began art lessons as a child, studying under artist, Ola McNeil Davidson. By his teenage years, his work was exhibited both nationally and internationally, leading him to move to Chicago to study at the Institute of Design.

Dimensions With Frame

H 50.63 in. x W 34.88 in. x D1.5 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 49.88 in. x W 34.13 in.