Peter Healy

"Port for a Yellow Halo" Orange, Sky Blue & Pink Abstract Contemporary Painting 2022



Oil paint on wood panel


Orange, sky blue, and pink abstract contemporary painting by Houston, TX artist Peter Healy. This piece was included in a 2022 group show, "Houston We Need a Title!" at Reeves Art + Design. Signed and dated by the artist at the back. Unframed but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

I am an Irish artist with a background in illustration. These days I work in series and also individual paintings, drawings, and assemblages. My mediums are oil paint, acrylic, ink, pencil, collaged fabric, assembled wood/ various 3d objects and paper. I try to let ideas come to me and sometimes let the pieces speak to me through their creation using editing as part of the process. They are usually colorful and I often try to illustrate the contrast of living in the sparsely populated Fermanagh countryside of my youth, and living in the city with a diverse population. I have lived in Ireland, England, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. I now call Houston, Texas home where I live with my wife and two daughters. These experiences and diverse populations have influenced my work. There are so many ways to represent population architecture and nature, that I am constantly going between mediums to describe these relationships.


H 12 in x W 16 in x D 1.75 in