Sharon Kopriva

Portrait of a Catholic Cardinal with a Taxidermy Bat 21st Century



Mixed Media and Oil


Catedrial shaped composition with a portrait of a Catholic Cardinal amongst a forest of trees and outlines of bats. Perched on a branch next to the Cardinal is a red cardinal. In a shadow box below the portrait is a bat that has been preserved and shards of glass. The work is framed in a black frame made just for the painting.

Artist Biography

Artist Biography: Sharon Kopriva works and lives in Houston, Texas. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Houston in 1970. She taught art for 10 years in the Houston Independent School District. In 1981 she returned to the University of Houston to earn her master's degree in painting. She is best known for her sculptures of human figures that are often mummified. Kopriva's paintings have been shaped by her experience with the mountain forest of Idaho, where she would spend her summers. Her art influence comes from her upbringing in a Catholic primary school as well as her exposure to Peruvian and Australian cultures.

Dimensions With Frame

H 53 in. x W 72 in. x D 3 in.