Saralene Tapley

"Portrait of Yet and Alie" Blue Toned Abstract Portrait of Two Women


Made By

Saralene Tapley


Acrylic on canvas


Sky blue-toned abstract portrait of two women by Houston, TX artist Saralene Tapley. This portrait features two sitters that the artist recalls as Yet and Alie. Both subjects wear face paint all over their faces and their bodies. Signed by the artist at the back. Unframed but framing options are available.

Artist Biography

Saralene Tapley is an Irish-American artist. Tapley had just recently moved back to Hous-ton, TX upon the completion of her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She had previously lived in London and in Dublin for her BFA studies at Dublin’s National College of Art and Design. She had also completed her Masters's Degree in Humanities at the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Saralene’s childhood, as she would describe it, was “very colorful.” She lived in the United States until she was eleven, and then moved to Taiwan and Korea where she fin-ished secondary school. She had made quite a few friends, who she still faithfully keeps in touch with, from all over the world. Coming from a tight-knit family with four siblings, her brothers have been her best pa-trons. Her only sister, Ciarah, can be seen as a subject in Saralene’s triptych included in Encounters: A Retrospective, an exhibition currently on view at Reeves Art + Design in Houston, TX. Her family plays a vital role in her art-making. At one point, her works hung in a Montreal wine bar owned by his older brother, Matthew. Ciarah and her younger brother serve as both her collectors and critiques. She attributes most of her interest in art to her parents who have been very encouraging of her art career despite its many known challenges. Most of my training as a child came from her mother who hails from Wisconsin and is a very talented artist and teacher. She spent most of my childhood watching her draw portraits of local families and taking art classes. His father, on the other hand, is a skilled carpenter and engineer from Dublin, Ire-land, and has hung her paintings and has done framing for her numerous paintings. Tapley’s works can be seen in various places such as various hotels and restaurants in her hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Saralene Tapley takes pleasure in the arts in a way that enables her to reinvent her craft over time. She takes interest in learning various mediums that further her artwork and her excellent talent in capturing what is essential in all of her subjects.


H 33 in. x W 46 in. x D 1.5"