Cheryl Kelley

Red, Purple, and Black Abstract Contemporary Colorfield Painting



Oil on canvas


Red and black abstract contemporary painting by Santa Fe, NM artist Cheryl Kelley. This large piece depicts a flowy color-field abstract of bright reds and dark purple hues that turn into black. Unsigned. Framed in a black contemporary floating frame.

Artist Biography

My love for painting began as a small child. As soon as I was able to hold a crayon I began obsessively making art. Around age 10, My parents found a private teacher for me and I began oil painting. Like mosts artists, I had a difficult time focusing in school unless I was in art class. My focus and skill led me to The High School for the Performing and Visual arts in Houston where I studied fine arts as well as classical music, but I always knew I would be a professional visual artist, I studied fine art at the University of Houston and began my professional career soon after. My early career was primarily focused on abstract expressionism, and shown primarily in Houston, TX. In the early 2000's I began showing in New York. First, briefly at STUX gallery, later, for many years with Lyons Wier Gallery, and finally from 2010 to 2019, with Bernarducci Meisel Gallery. Currently, I am represented by Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts in New York, and Scott Richards Contemporary art in San Francisco. In 2004 my abstract expressionism morphed into photorealism when I began to paint classic cars. I became well known in the art world for this subject matter and have appreciated years of press and success with these paintings. After Bernarducci Meisel closed its doors, I decided to branch out into new subject matter, as well as revisiting abstract expressionism. Currently, I am working on figurative, landscape, animal and abstract paintings, and will soon be listing NFT's as well. Since I have stopped painting Classic cars for gallery shows, (I will continue to take commissions on this subject matter), I have decided to offer open edition prints as well as limited edition prints in my car painting gallery, thus making them affordable to everyone. I have recently moved to Santa Fe, NM. The energy here is charged with creativity and I am continually inspired. The effect that this place has on me is still unfolding but every new piece draws me closer to my new voice. As an artist, it is nearly impossible to not paint the landscape here. It calls to you with all of its enchantments. All of my new work is inspired by this magical place and I am letting it reveal itself piece, by piece as I get to know myself in my new home.

Dimensions With Frame

H 60.25 in x W 51.25 in x D 2.5 in

Dimensions Without Frame

H 59.38 in. x W 50 in.