Fred George

"Suicide Bomber Jesus" Contemporary Political Work 2006



Photograph & News Paper


Photograph of a crucified man with a bomb strapped to his belly. Like in traditional crucifixion painting two figures stand on either side of Christ, John the Baptist and Mary Magdaline. In this version, a woman reaches up for the bombs and another holding a baby in the background looks distressed. Bordering the photograph are bible versious from Genisis. The work is signed and dated by the artist. The work has a lucite

Artist Biography

The photographer, political artist, sculptor, and musician, who also writes and produces films and videos, is seen as one of the few artists of our time, with his radically committed work, that is creating messages of global, political and humanitarian implications. These ideas are resonated in an ever-evolving body of emotionally charged art. Living in New York and Germany, the artist sees himself as a “war photographer and sculptor” on the global battlefields of our time. Scenes of the wars of religion, consumption, economic crises, and the struggle for the resources of oil and water are this artist’s pallets.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 61.5 in. x W 54 in. x D 1.75 in.
"Suicide Bomber Jesus" Contemporary Political Work 2006