Emmanuel Snitkovsky

"Symphony Still Life" Cubist Abstract of Instruments in the Style of Picasso 20th Century





Synthetic cubism oil painting of a collection of instruments done in blue tones. Painted in the style of the famous Pablo Picasso. Signed in lower right corner "Janet Emmanuel Snitkovsky" representing its completion by the husband and wife duo. Hung in a black glossy frame with gold accents.

Artist Biography

Emmanuel Snitkovsky (1933-2005) was an internationally known artist, sculpture and poet. His works of art are included in collections of the Japanese Imperial Family, Sheik Muhamed Nasser of Saudi Arabia, Clint Eastwood, Tony Bennett, Jose Eber, M. Rastropovich and many others. Mr. Snitkovsky has sold at Sotheby's and Christie's alongside the works of Matisse, Rodin, Picasso and Toulouse Lautrec. He has exhibited in London, Italy, Japan, Russia, New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas (Caesar's Palace) and New Orleans. He and his wife Janet have produced over 1,000 paintings and many sculptures. The great Marc Chagall once said about Janet and Emmanuel Snitkovsky that, "They possess the technique of a virtuoso and show great professional mastery in all their works." Snitkovsky's Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton on Hollywood Boulevard have become Hollywood landmarks. Snitkovsky's two Sonny Bono sculptures may be seen at the Palm Springs airport and in the center of downtown Palms Springs. He has done sculptures of Lucille Ball and has plans for sculptures of Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. Snitkovsky's poetry may be found in the Library of Congress and was selected for inclusion by the Library of Congress for the years 2001 and 2002. Mr. Snitkovsky will be exhibiting in museums in Russia this year. Janet and Emmanuel Snitkovsky have been selected the Salute America Artists of the Year.

Dimensions With Frame

H 52.25 in. x W 62 in. x D 1.5 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 48 in. x W 58 in. x D .75 in.
"Symphony Still Life" Cubist Abstract of Instruments in the Style of Picasso 20th Century