Gary Griffin

"That Time My Mom Killed a Snake in Her House" Contemporary Blue Toned Painting 2022



Acrylic on canvas


Contemporary abstract painting by Houston-based artist Gary Griffin. The work features a central amorphous hard-edge shape in blue and orange tones set against an off-white background. Signed and titled on the reverse. Recently featured in "No Zoning! A Very Houston Show" at Reeves Art + Design in Houston, TX.

Artist Biography

As the son of deaf parents, Gary became a visual communicator at a very early age. Being able to “watch” conversations his parents had with their deaf friends, before he was able to read and write, informed practically every aspect of his thinking. Fascinated with design, color, light and composition, Gary set about photographing the world around him. Everything from West Texas landscapes, to disappearing Houston neighborhoods, to the people around him. Eventually, he felt a growing need to simplify the language he would use to express the recurring themes of his work. Loss, connection, emotional weight, calm amidst chaos…now rendered not as precise photographs, but rather through color, shape, contrast and negative space. Gary’s work invites the viewer to contemplate their own lives through the deceptive simplicity of the compositions and to seek connection through the vibrant color ways that make up his visual language.


H 40 in x W 40 in x D 2 in