Salvador Dalí­

"The Black Cherub" Surrealist Print of Hell Canto from the Divine Comedy Suite 1964



Woodcut Print


Beautiful example of the work "The Black Cherub" from Salvador Dali's Hell Canto from the Divine Comedy suite. Authenticated on verso by Frank Hunter of the Salvador Dali Archives, Ltd. Signed in the plate.

Artist Biography

Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain. From an early age Dali was encouraged to practice his art and would eventually go on to study at an academy in Madrid. In the 1920's Dali went to Paris and began interacting with Picasso, Magritte, and Miro leading to his first Surrealist phase. The rise of the fascist leader Franco in Spain led to Dali's expulsion from the Surrealist movement, but that did not prevent him from painting.

Dimensions With Frame

H 26 in. x W 22 in. x D 1 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 12 in. x W 10 in.