Alex Paulus

“The most beautiful landscape I've ever seen” Colorful Contemporary Painting 2018



Acrylic on Canvas


Colorful comedic painting by Memphis-based contemporary artist Alex Paulus. The work features a beautiful fountain in a sprawling park juxtaposed against a "Taco Bell" sign in the distance. The title, "The most beautiful landscape I've ever seen," invites the view to question what element of the landscape the artist is suggesting is the "most beautiful." Currently unframed, but options are available.

Artist Biography

Alex Paulus is originally from southeast Missouri, but has been a resident of Memphis, TN since 2007. He received his MFA in 2009 from the Memphis College of Art and is now an Assistant Professor at Southwest Tennessee Community College. His work skillfully combines dark humor and figurative art in his paintings. With a penchant for colorful and imaginative compositions, Paulus introduces us to characters immersed in unconventional scenarios. From famous faces to fictional beings, each artwork invites you to explore the vibrant and thought-provoking world he creates.


H 14 in. x W 11 in.