Henry David Potwin

"The Suitors" Conceptual Realism, 2014





This painting depicts the scene of a female figure surrounded by three male figures, the artists use of complimentary colors creates an eye catching composition.

Artist Biography

Born in Dallas, Texas David Potwin is the oldest of three children. He first started to paint at the age of 8 years old. As a young boy, Potwin's family would summer vacation in Taos, New Mexico. During the family vacations in 1965, he met artist Eric Gibberd who became his mentor for years to come. David attended the University of Houston Fine Arts program from 1969 to 1974. He studied alongside and under a great group of artists in a building called "The Annex" His subjects range from landscapes, portraits, cityscapes to those that are personal to the artist, idiosyncratic, humorous and socially aware.


H 17 in. x W 14 in. x D 1.5 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 14 in x W 11 in.