E.A. Séguy, Eugène A. Séguy, Eugène Séguy

Twentieth-Century Earth-Toned Naturalistic Print of Various Insects 20th Century



Pochoir print


Twentieth-Century earth-toned naturalistic pochoir print by E.A. Séguy. The print depicts a naturalistic rendering of five different insect species. Stamped and signed "EA Seguy" and the bottom left corner. This print has a marbled paper pattern matting and is framed in a dark mahogany-stained wooden frame.

Artist Biography

E.A. Seguy was an artist and designer active in Paris during the first three decades of the 20th century. Very little is known about him, even his actual name and birth/death dates are in dispute. During my search for more information, I even stumbled across an odd theory that blames the confusion on the presence of not one but two E.A. Seguy’s living and working in Paris during this time period. Regardless of the mystery and speculation surrounding his life, what we do know about Seguy can be found in the design folios he left behind. Seguy produced eleven albums of nature-themed illustrations and patterns, drawing inspiration from papillons and other insects, flowers, foliage, crystals, and animals. Seguy was one of few artists that successfully combined both Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles in his work. His brightly colored geometric patterns were intended to be used as inspiration for such decorative items as textiles and wallpaper.

Dimensions With Frame

H 33.25 in x W 27.63 in x D 0.63 in

Dimensions Without Frame

H 16.75 x W 12.50